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SMYLY – Sewing Makes You Love Yourself – Challenge Part 1

If you are in the sewing community you have surely heard of the SMYLY challenge. SMYLY stands for Sewing Makes You Love Yourself and is a sewing/mental health challenge run by Hattie, Lisa & Athnea on Youtube. I am not a vlogger (at present) so thought I would complete my…


Go To Dressmaking Patterns

As a newbie looking to dip their toes into dressmaking it must be overwhelming to discover just how much resources and information there is out there. I know I am always looking at patterns and could spend an absolute fortune on them if I wanted without really knowing what I was buying (hint – I and many others have done this!). With this in mind, I asked the lovely members over at the Dressmaking Blogger Network on Facebook to tell me what their go to patterns are and why: