I’ve been promising my husband a shirt for two years now. As you may have seen in my purple paisley shirt review, I finally got around to it. Us dressmakers are not one for selfless sewing, are we? I don’t know about you but unless it’s for me, it isn’t half as exciting! Read on to see my strategy for making not one, but four shirts for him.

When push came to shove, and I decided now was the time to make this garment, I was unsure about which pattern to use. I already had the Colette Negroni and Thread Theory Fairfield shirt patterns and had just acquired Mimi G’s Simplicity 8427 (pictured below). I ended up going with the latter, I liked the shape, coupled with the excitement of making up a brand new pattern.

To start off with I wanted to make a toile to ensure I got the right fit, so I made the first one up in a jazzy leaf print quilting cotton in my stash that I couldnt see myself using for any other purpose. The real job with this one was to get the fit right, nothing else mattered so I whizzed it through the machine at top speed, paying mind only to the seam allowance and ignoring wonky top stitching. Once enough of it was done to work out the fit I asked him to try it on. The fit was great out of the pattern. I’d made the sleeves short (this is a hack, not in the pattern) and he asked for them to be a bit shorter – otherwise it fit perfectly. He was so taken aback with what he thought to be a beautiful shirt that he insisted on it being finished so he could wear it!

So, after attempting to recover the shirt for wearing, I felt comfortable about cutting out the other three shirts. I decided batching was best. I cut out a shirt in the purple paisley from the previous post, one in fish fabric from my shop (email or comment if you would like to purchase this) and.. duh duh duh! one in liberty fabric.


I then got on with the process of making them. I made the fish shirt first, partly because it was cotton and stable but also because this is the one I wanted to cut my teeth with. It finished nicely and then I went on to the purple one. There was a bit of pressure with this one as I was making it as part of the Adam Ross Blogger Network and needed to make something nice. And then I made the liberty one. The liberty fabric was so good to work with. It was Tana Lawn, so was very thin but it just handled so well and sewed up lovely. Once he was wearing them you could really see the amazing drape of the Tana Lawn.

I HATE sewing hems so I avoided this until the last minute, when I had to hem four shirts in a row :-/ In the middle of sewing them up I saw a Youtube video where it was suggested to hem prior to sewing the side seams (on a curved hem) and that did make the hem lay better.

I left putting the buttons on to the last job and stupidly I started the purple paisley shirt first. I run some tests and the buttonhole looked to be working fine, however once on the shirt it completely ran amok! I was then trying – and failing – to seam rip the button holes. The fabric was too delicate so I left it and made that the under placket and installed Kam snaps instead. It was so easy I put them on all of the shirts. I partly regretted putting them on the Liberty shirt but it does look nice still.

You can see my Youtube video, where I talk about these shirts here:

Thanks for reading, until next time…