Yes, here we are again! While I have been running this blog for over three years (my instagram account – @penguinandpear – has been running the same length of time), a few months ago I lost my content during an upgrade, and again I have recently changed hosting companies and needed to do a fresh install and so, here we are again! I will do my best to re-upload the recent blogposts that are currently not available.

Life update

So, as I was explaining these things, I thought what better time than to give a ‘life’ update (insomuch as it relates to sewing).

Some of you will know I have spent the last five years working in the charity sector as an administrator; back in May of this year I decided (and my health helped me along) that it was time to try something new. As I have an avid nay passionate interest in sewing and dressmaking, I thought it may be fun to go down that route.

I have been carefully choosing what I wish to do within dressmaking as I need to make a living, and not everything in sewing is financially viable.

I’d been running my shop – initially called Grab The Seam Ripper, and then Penguin and Pear Fabrics UK and I have to admit this has not been a raging success. This is for no other reason than I don’t have a budget for investing in a fabric catalogue. So I have been rethinking things.

I have decided to merge my online shop with my penguin and pear blog, and will soon host a shop on this website. This will include fabrics and handmade items. If you would like to sell your handmade items through my shop please get in touch.

I’ve also started a Youtube channel, where I discuss everyday things to do with my sewing journey.

Yep, me. The person who doesnt even like showing photos of myself online, is now filming herself for the world to see.

This has initially been doing well. I am just shy of 200 subscribers at this time. Please considering visiting my channel and subscribing.

I also have some other plans in the pipeline, which I cannot discuss yet, but I have to say I am excited for the future of my sewing journey. I hope you come along for the ride.

Thanks for reading, until next time…