Purple Paisley Fabric Review

I have an eye for a particular look of fabric, I think we all do. I sometimes wish I would go for understated pastels and neutrals but inevitably any time I am given the opportunity I will go for the loudest most outspoken piece, and this time was no different.
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Sewing Youtube Videos

One question I see coming up in Facebook groups time and time again is: 'who do you follow on Youtube?' So today I thought I would give you a list of ten 'vloggers' that I like to watch and follow. They are not in any particular order, and are not particularly my top ten, rather they're vloggers that I feel offer something worth watching.
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One Pattern - 4 Shirts!

I’ve been promising my husband a shirt for two years now. As you may have seen in my purple paisley shirt review, I finally got around to it. Us dressmakers are not one for selfless sewing, are we? I don’t know about you but unless it’s for me, it isn’t half as exciting! Read on to see my strategy for making not one, but four shirts for him.
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Sew Southampton 2018: Come Along!

A little while ago the lovely Sian from Kittenish Behaviour approached myself and the sweet Gemma from A Girl Sew Geeky to ask if we would like to collaborate in arranging a local meet up event. Its something I have been thinking about for a long time so I bit her hand off as its much better to share the load and share the experience!
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