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Cross Over Bag via Craftsy Class

Long time no see! A lot has been happening my end and I havent had time to blog but hoping to be back here more regularly now. For those of you not in the know, I have opened an online fabric store at so please check this out if you haven’t already.

Today I wanted to tell you about a bag I’ve made.

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to a subscription of Craftsy classes. For £12.99 per month you can watch as many classes as you can. So its my aim to binge-watch all the classes I want to see and give them a go before ending my subscription. I am trying to curb my subscriptions and while this is an exciting prospect it is not something I am looking at having long term.

One of the first classes I’ve watched is how to make the cross-body bag: working with waxed canvas. While I wasn’t going to go out and purchase all the recommended fabrics for a first try, I did find enough scraps at home to complete a ‘toile’ bag. This included flamingo canvas bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year, pink denim from Fabricland, odd coloured hardware and some twill tape going spare. I even found a way of using a pink fat quarter in the pocket lining.

Before attempting the bag I watched the video from beginning to end. I just love watching bag making videos, its almost as good as actually making the bag!

The video was very straight-forward. It talked a lot about using wax canvas which was interesting as I’ve never sewn with this fabric. The woman was good at explaining each step in-depth. I didn’t come across any part of the bag that I found difficult or impossible; that might be because I have made a few bags before.

There was quite a few pieces to cut out, but there always is with bag making. There was no fancy notions or other things needed to construct this bag. I used a vintage zip that was in my stash (bought from a charity shop a while ago). I ended up sewing the zip off centre (to the right) but its hardly noticable and looks intentional, I think.

This was the first project I used with my new sewing machine, the Brother Innovis NV1800Q (J’adore!), and the top stitching was so beautiful and went over the lumps and bumps with ease. I’ll do a sewing machine review in another post.

When it came to making the strap I put it against my body to see how long I wanted it and added a little for sewing it in. I had a problem because the twill tape was twice the width of the D-rings I had, and the slider was twice the width of the twill tape, and I didn’t have a keyring with a D ring on it… I was going to order especially but in the end I decided I wouldnt need to alter the strap if its made to my own specifications, so I just folded in half and sewed down, with a wonky zig zag in the middle to firm it up and then attached to a D-ring on each end.

I’m definitely going to make this bag again. I’d like to make it with waxed canvas, wool, taffeta and much more!

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  1. Pretty looking bag. Your sewing looks beautiful and the fabric is awesome.

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