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Hashtag Five Questions

If you watch sewing vlogs on Youtube you would have seen or at the very least heard about ‘Hashtag Five Questions One Take’. This was dreamed up by Lisa from And Sew On who was new to Youtube and wanted to get to know others in the sewing community. The idea is you answer five questions (only one is about sewing) to share a bit about yourself without ANY editing and then tag your favourite vloggers. I’ve seen quite a few now; some interesting, some amusing and some down right entertaining! So I had a thought, why limit this to Youtube?! So I am extending it to the blogging world, should anyone wish to take part.

Here are my responses to the five questions:

1. If you were given a paid sabbatical to spend a year living anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

What I wouldn’t give for this in my life right now! I would spend it somewhere warm, beautiful and relaxing… maybe the Med…Greece, Italy, South of France, Spain… where ever it is there would need to be fabric shopping (or an abundance of free fabric) and a way to sew. It would be amazing to spend a year getting my health back on an equilibrium!

2. Who was your favourite teacher growing up, and how did they influence you?

My favourite teacher was my English and Media Studies teacher in high school who used to let us watch the TV show Neighbours at 1.30pm every afternoon! My 14 year old self thought she was the bees knees, so cool and laidback unlike all the other stuffy teachers. Unfortunately 2 weeks before leaving school, when I was told I had to write 20 English essays, the glean wore off a bit. That said, she always stayed in my mind and left an impact. So much so, I ended up with a degree in Media Writing. I still think of her often, thirty years later.

3. Name three things, besides, sewing, that you’re good at.

Hmmm! Thinking negatively about myself, eating lots of sweets and getting stressed! Okay… actual things… I’m quite good at crochet although I don’t do it much any more. I consider myself a good writer ( can write a fantastic job application if I say so myself (giving a good interview is another matter!)… developing websites… I create my own websites and enjoying doing it…

4. Do you cook? What meal/recipe are you most known for? If you don’t cook, what meal/recipe do you most like to have made for you?

I don’t do much cooking at all any more. I have ME and work full time, by the time 5pm comes around I am usually dragging myself up off the floor to get into bed. It’s eternally frustrating because (if you have an invisiable illness you will understand) I would love to be cooking and sewing and many other things. I was a personality type “A” once upon a time! Luckily for me, I have a lovely husband who does a lot of my cooking (and caring for me) and when that isnt possible, a slow cooker (I also live above a corner shop when all else fails!). In terms of what dishes do I like the most…the Salmon, Kale and gluten free pasta meal that is made for me.

My version of the Bettine made in 2015

5. One sewing question— what is your favourite pattern ever, and why?

Like everyone else I am finding this very difficult! There are so many to chose from! ONLY ONE!!! Probably Bettine by Tilly and the Buttons. Depending on the fabric you could dress this up or down and it would be really easy to adapt…add darts or gathers…change the skirt extend the arms….yes, let’s go with this one.

I will tag the following five bloggers: Helen’s Closet, Self Assembly Required, Sewrendipity, The Petite Passions & What Corrine Did Next! Plus anyone else who wants to do it! Let’s share the love! Tag me and let me know so I can come and have a read!!!

Happy sewing,

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