How I store my PDF patterns

Something I have learned from the sewing community is: you either love or hate PDF patterns. I am in the love camp (much more fun than hating!) and my PDF printouts were taking over the flat – seriously – so I have come up with an efficient, time and room saving way of storing them. Call it the admin in me.

Initially they were all over the place: the floor, tables, walls you name it and it drove me crazy, let alone the people around me.

Then I decided to store them in brown envelopes with a sticker on them to show what they were. This worked for a short time but a) I lost interest in that and b) the paper envelopes torn and it looked really bad.

So while browsing the supermarket stationery department I came across pretty plastic wallets and decided they were the way forward. Plastic would be harder to break and these had a popper on too to keep them closed; perfect for PDFs with big patterns inside of them.

I also purchased some magazine holders to put the wallets into and now they sit snuggly on my shelf – and look pretty to boot.

I also printed off stickers to put on the wallets and secured with cellotape so that it is easy to find what I am looking for. I also store patterns I’ve traced off in with these too.

The cost of doing this?

The wallets cost £1.50 for 3, the magazine holders are £4 each, stickers I already owned and cellotape I bought especially to cover all of the sticker £3. So depending on how many PDFs you own this way of doing things could either be cheap or expensive.

Do you use PDFs?

If so, how do you store yours? Leave a comment and let me know.

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