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I made another Cleo…

Hot on the heels of my last make, I have decided to make another Cleo by Tilly and the Buttons. It is such a quick make and I am in need of stash busting, so I took the opportunity while I had it.

This time I used a screen printed fabric I bought when on honeymoon in Cardiff last July. I am not sure what fabric this is, it feels like cotton (possibly a light canvas) on the right side but there is def some taffeta or something similar on the inside. Perfect for a slightly dressed up version.


I cut the fabric out, not concerning myself with pattern matching as I wasnt sure I would have enough fabric for that. This is such a sturdy fabric that not only is it a dream to cut out, but it helps the dress to hold the right shape.


I wanted to be more careful with the top stitching this time as on the last make I wasnt overly happy with it. Using an edge stitch foot, the decorative stitching went much more pleasing on the eye.


I did mess up the back at the top a bit. Firstly, if you look closely enough you will see an arrow and some text – this is the selvage that I should have cut away, and secondly when top stitching the vertical lines, the machine kept messing up at the start and I ended up having to cut some away so the diamond shaping from the pattern was lost somewhat. I could have left this out but I want a true account of my makes, not just an instagram ready version.


I sewed the straps with a 5/8ths seam allowance and I shouldn’t have done that. Instead, I should have measured the buckle and made it fit (like I did on my first Cleo) but hey ho, it isnt the end of the world. I quite enjoyed hammering the buckle button in place and this time I used my awl to make a hole, which made the process of inserting the buckle/button much easier.


Excuse the background! I should have taken pictures of the inside of the garment as it looks beautiful. The facing works well and I love how it appears so finished when you turn it in the right way, even before top stitching. I did consider understitching to help it stay in place but with all the corners and nooks and crannies, I decided there was a reason Tilly doesn’t tell us to do that.


Here is the finished garment. I looks quite long. It is actually the shorter version… I think! I am quite pleased with it – there is always room for improvement but as makes go it is not too bad. I am looking forward to giving it to the recpient and hope they like it.

I have one more Cleo on my mind to do – but first I want to source some liberty cord and this time it will be for me.

Have you made your Cleo yet? I’d love it if you would share your experience/photo below in the comments.


  1. Janeyo Janeyo

    It looks really lovely Claire and well done for your honesty, it really helps give confidence to others! Fab fabric. Think textile express online was where i got some liberty-a-like cord with tiny floral xx

  2. This is a fun Cleo! I love the grey, it’s very refreshing and unique 🙂

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