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KB Pattern Swap Challenge – Part 1

Sian of Kittenish Behaviour came up with a new challenge on her Youtube channel called the KP Pattern Swap. And I think it is fab!

You pick your partner a pattern and fabric swatches that you really think will suit them, but something they wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for themselves. You want it to be something that challenges your partner outside of their comfort zone – perhaps a garment or type of fabric they have never used before but you think would suit them. You want it to be something they would like too, otherwise they may not want to make it. You then send it to your partner and they make up the garment in whatever fabric they like – bonus if it is one you have chosen but it is not the law, they *can* use any fabric they like, even something from their stash.

Sian explains it better here:

So when this video released Sian had pre-chosen vloggers to get the challenge started. I expressed interest in this challenge saying it would work well for bloggers too and thus I was put into the hat for the next round of participants. When this came about Sian released another video pairing people up and I was paired with the lovely Corrine Appleby:

I immediate went looking at Corrine’s social media, which mainly existed on a blog and instagram. I will write more about my process for choosing items for her and my final decision in part two at a later date as she hasnt received hers yet and I want it to be a surprise!

Today when I came home from work I had a lovely package waiting for me at my front door. I came in and sat down and when I saw who it was from I was both exited and scared at the same time! I think it is scary because whatever they decided upon will say something about their interpretation of my look and style. And aside from that, would I like what was chosen for me, and furthermore would I already have the pattern?!!!

I need not have worried, Corrine got me spot on!

She has chosen the Cashmerette Harrison Shirt for me! This is a pattern I was looking at just a few days ago and one I was definately intending to buy. I’ve made a couple of shirts in the past (I am currently making the Bruyere shirt by Deer and Doe for someone else) but I have never made one for myself. This is partly due to the grading process needed on a lot of patterns for my figure (which bores me and I hate doing). I am over the moon at having a pattern that will not need an FBA or be graded beyond all recognition. And as it has princess seams if any minor adjustments are needed they will be very simple to do! I am not really a trousers person, preferring leggings, so I will make a longer version to cover my derriere but that is a really simple adjustment. There is also an add on I can buy to make it into a dress but I don’t think I’ll need that.

Corrine also gave me no less than seven swatches of fabric that she thinks would suit me with this pattern! SEVEN! So much choice there! There are two fabrics I am particularly drawn to but they are all fabric choices I would use, without a doubt! A mixture of little and large prints, and dark and bold colours. Unfortunately the main two fabrics I am drawn to are from Fabworks and they refuse to post fabric to the Isle of Wight (I know, I tried recently and had to cancel my order in the end) so I can’t purchase them. However, Minervacrafts also do a very similar one so I may well order it from them. I am not totally decided. I guess what I am saying it to expect the unexpected in my final product. I do also have some fabric that I may use, so don’t be surprised to see two versions at the same time!








Corrine also sent me a lovely long letter explaining her choices with links and a cute little card. It was very clear to me that she has put in a lot of effort to get the challenge just right – so thank you Corrine.


Corrines package from me is almost ready to send off and I am so excited for her to receive it – I hope she likes it!

In the next instalment of this series, come back to see my versions of the Cashmerette Harrison shirt, and find out what I sent Corrine.

You can view Corrines blog here and her instagram here.

If you would like to be paired up with someone, either head to Sian’s youtube channel and leave a comment for her to put you in her next round, or alternatively comment below and I will pair you with someone!

Happy sewing!


  1. This sounds like so much fun. Good luck with the challenge and picking your fabric. Looking forward to the result.

  2. Phew! So glad you like it. I think it will look great in whatever fabric you go for. I’m annoyed about Fabworks though. I never thought to look into that. But apart from that it’s been a fun challenge and it’s been great getting to know you!

    • Thanks Corrine, its fun getting to know you too. Don’t worry about Fabworks – the fabric I have chosen is available elsewhere so I can still get it. Not sure what the deal is with them – I have not come across another fabric company that wont send to me and even my first order with them went through but the second wouldnt. No idea why! Shame as they have such gorgeous affordable fabrics!

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