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My Top Items for Sewing

What I like to use changes constantly but for now I thought I would discuss what I like to use to help give a professional finish to my garments.

1 inch transparent plastic ruler


I only bought the above ruler this week so I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I plan on using this to help turn up accurate hems. It will also be great for smaller jobs, creating seam allowances on patterns without them, and much more. I have bigger rulers of this kind but they are not always easy to use in a small space so I am looking forward to giving this new accessory a run through.

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A bamboo point turner


It is true that you can use scissors, knitting needles, pens and other household objects to turn corners and if you have a limited budget I would encourage this. However I was pleased to invest in one of these as it is less likely to cause damage to your garment that you have spent hours slaving over. I’ve had this quite a while now and it really does get a lot of use. Corners are well turned out and worth the few pence it costs in my opinion.

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A small metal awl with plastic handle


This is an accessory that I bought very early on in my sewing journey; because it was recommended for a project that I never got around to making. This object is great for making holes in fabric (such as when attaching hardware to your dungaree dress) and also great for helping to feed fabric through the machine, especially if you are easing in sleeves. It’s not a must have item; to be honest I could survive sewing easily without it, but it does help to give a professional finish with the functions it does operate.

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Twin Ball point needle


This item is brand new in the packet. I have other twin needles but not designed for jersey which is my main reason for using them. So far I havent had much – if any – luck with twin needles (I drool over coverstitch machines) but I am hoping now that I have a specific needle for hemming jersey my sewing life will be transformed. We will see!

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Buttonhole Cutter


I have been after one of these for ages. At about £8 each I’d asked my self constantly ‘do I really need one?’. I’ve been putting a pin in either end of my freshly made buttonholes and skimming with the seam ripper. This does what it says on the tin, but there were always stray fibres lurking about and it didn’t look ‘finished’. Eventually I splurged on this and now have this beauty. You can buy a special block to go with it but I figure my cutting mat will be fine for using this.

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Walking foot


A walking foot is an accessory that you can buy to attach to your sewing machine. As you can see in my picture of the bottom of the foot it has feed dogs – this means that the fabric is moved through the machine at an even rate (bottom and top at the same time) and can help massively in neat seams – especially when using jersey (I will use this foot with my twin needles). I will often just leave this foot on my machine to do all my sewing unless I specifically need to use another foot. This is in my opinion a sewing essential.

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A bendy ruler


I’ll admit this ruler is unnecessary and a luxury purchase. I do have a defense though; as a plus size person, getting armholes correct can be a challenge but I thought if I had this I could mould it around my armstyce to get a perfect fit. I’m sure this ruler would be more use if it had measurements on it but I bought the cheap version and there is nothing to stop me marking it myself.

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Edge stitching foot


This has got to be my top pick for this post – and my all time favourite foot. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover it. I’d spent DAYS trying to perfect my top stitching on garments but it was always wonky in places and I could never get it perfect. Then one day I watched a tutorial on where the lady was using this and it was a complete ureka moment! I tried it (found the foot in my pack of cheap feet bought from eBay) and it made top stitching completely effortless. It is also brilliant for understitching and any other stitches that are exposed.

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Chalk pen


I’ve tried numerous types of fabric markers – from the flat chalk, to the chalk wheel to the disappearing pens and this chalk pen – shipped in cheaply from the far east – is far superior to all of the above. It comes with a pod of different coloured chalk so I have one available no matter what colour fabric I am using.

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Thanks for reading this blog post. Do you agree with my list or do you have loved items I havent mentioned here? I would love to hear your comments below!


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  1. Thank you for this list! I’m interested in your recommendation of the tailor’s chalk. I have yet to find any I like, so I will be giving this a try.

    • I really love this chalk pen, its fabulous. I just can’t get on with any of the others!

  2. Why do you keep tempting me with new sewing accessories???!!! Must have them all!

    • Hahaha I do love accessories – another one just arrived – a long spoke wheel for marking my paper. Should make things easier!

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