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Dressmaking series – essential items

I am starting a new beginner dressmaker series here on my blog. Today’s post, which will go over the things we need in order to be able to sew, and things that will make life a lot easier. If you are interested, why not subscribe to me through bloglovin (the link goes through to my account which you can then follow).  

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Vintage Pattern Haul

Now and again I will peruse the charity shops for sewing knick knacks. I don’t often find much, sometimes a duvet cover to toile in, occasionally a new zip but this journey I found a plethora of vintage sewing patterns. What is more, these were all in the same shop and there were lots more but I had to restrict myself (somewhat!).

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A new year: A new fabric haul

As I opened my presents on Christmas morning and found a myraid of fabric, I was under instruction to do a fabric haul on my blog. In fact, I have been reminded a few times since… my husband is not an attention seeker at all! So in order to fulfil his wish I am going to show some fabrics he has given me and some I have given myself recently.


The Billie Dress by Tribe Patterns Review

The Foldline immediately caught my attention with the release of their first pattern The Billie Collection through their new pattern company Tribe Patterns. Not only because the style of the dress was right up my street, but also by the premise of their new venture. The concept is not only simple but generous and giving. Kate and Rachel have decided that they want to help the sewing community to become designers. They will regularly run competitions where sewists enter their own designs and the winner will have their design turned into a pattern by the girls at The Foldline. They have kicked off this venture by asking Rachel Pinheiro to design the first offering and the result is the Billie Collection.