I have an eye for a particular look of fabric, I think we all do. I sometimes wish I would go for understated pastels and neutrals but inevitably any time I am given the opportunity I will go for the loudest most outspoken piece, and this time was no different.

I applied for and was welcomed into the Adam Ross Blogger Network (they can now be found at www.poundfabrics.co.uk). For my first project I was given free range of all their fabrics within a specific price range. There was a lot of fabric to chose from; initially I had trouble choosing a fabric to review however this purple paisley peach fabric kept shouting at me. In the end I decided to request this fabric for review with the view of making a shirt for my husband.

I ordered the fabric on Friday afternoon and it was by me by Tuesday morning. Great service!
Delivery from Adam Ross Fabrics

A short while ago a lovely lady called Brenda offered to enable me (and others) to purchase patterns in a Simplicity sale in America. At $1 each I went to town and ordered 13! One of the patterns was Simplicity 8427 and when it arrived I thought it would be perfect matched with this purple paisley fabric in a shirt for hubby.

First of all I did a toile in another fabric I had and when this fit him pretty much out of the packet, I set to cutting out 3 more! I wanted to leave this one to be one of the last ones so I didn’t want to mess up this beautiful fabric. (I will write about the others in a future post)

When the time came to cut out this peach fabric it did have a habit of shifting around quite a bit. I rectified this by using lots of pins and weights.

Being 100% polyester, this fabric did not initially respond under the iron but I soon learned by using lots of steam I could get it to do what I wanted. This was particularly important when ironing the button placket. I was, however, very careful with my heat settings as I did not want it wither under the iron. In the end I think I was being a bit over cautious as there was never any sign of this happening.

This fabric sewed up really well. I didn’t shift around under the needle or misbehave at all really. This is always a huge bonus as I don’t have much time for difficult fabrics.

I wanted to use a colour thread that I already owned rather than buying more. I had a few in mind; I wanted to get as close to the purple colour as possible. It is a very busy print so I wanted the topstitching to merge in, not stand out. I didn’t have an exact colour but I think what I chose complimented the fabric nicely.

I’m always nervous around completing buttonholes. Even though I have a fairly new and expensive sewing machine (Brother Innovis NV1800Q) buttonholes are still a drama for me. On the test fabric they worked a treat but when it came to completing the actual garment the buttonhole sewing went all over the place! I tried to seam rip them to redo but it was nigh on impossible so I gave up and put Kam Snaps on instead. I recently bought a multi coloured pack and the lilac colour compliments the shirt nicely I think. I didn’t use the buttonhole placement from the pattern, instead I just laid them 3 inches apart.

I’d initially wanted to do full sleeves for this version, and did cut out the full arm. However, I was following instructions on Norris Danata’s youtube and the screen was so blown out with lighting that I ended up doing it wrong. In a fit of frustration I cut the arms off at the length I know Hubby likes and hemmed them.

All in all, Hubby is very pleased with his shirt. He thinks its snazzy! He couldn’t wait to get outside and do the photoshoot. He’s a bit of a show off, really!! He also likes luring the neighbours cats with Dreamies!

This fabric was kindly donated by Adam Ross Fabrics for review purposes. Since posting the fabric to me the company have had a branding overhaul and can now be found at www.poundfabrics.co.uk. The new website does what it says on the tin, all their fabrics are £1 per metre each! Due to the recent relaunch not all of their fabrics are listed on the website, including the one I used, however if there is something you are particularly interested in you are welcome to call them on 0330 998 0222.

What do you think of my shirt? Have you made this one? How did you find it? Have you used peachskin fabric before? Did you like it? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,