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Sew My Style – January: Sunny Dress

I’ve signed up for this year’s Sew my Style challenge. Unlike last year, I fully intend to make all of the items in this years list. I’ve jumped ahead of the game with January’s challenge, making it while still on Christmas holidays.

I had the perfect fabric for a ‘sunny’ dress – a jersey fabric by Dana Willard from

I’m not too sure about the drafting and instructions for this pattern, and while I went with for the pattern, I did my own tried and tested method instead of using the instructions.

I cut and traced the pattern for my son’s girlfiend’s size and cut out the fabric. It didn’t use much fabric at all – I was able to cut all of the pieces within the length of the dress (about a metre).

I only used the serger and the cover stitch for this pattern. It’s nice to ‘whip up’ a dress. Contrary to the pattern suggesting sewing up the side seams first and inserting the sleeve, I sewed the shoulders together, then inserted the sleeves flat, then sewed up the arm and sides in one.

I then folded over twice the skirt and sleeve hems, plus the neckline and double stitched with the cover stitch et voila!

Here are some pictures of Jodhi wearing the dress:



As soon as I saw the dress on Jodhi I thought she looked amazing. It really made her look fab. She is not convinced, but I disagree wholeheartedly with her! What do you think?

I ended up making a second one for Jodhi – at her request. She wanted it more of a top but to cover her bum and she chose the fabric. Initially I was just turnning the hem, arms and neckline under and topstitching but I wasnt happy with the result. So I decided to put bands on all of those areas but to switch the stripes around for an extra bit of interest.

The fabric wasnt the worst I’d worked with but I had dealt with better, so it was a little frustrating and I was pleased when it was finished.

Jodhi really loved her dress/top so that made the effort worthwhile (she’s extremely fussy about what she will wear).


I used the coverstitch to create a line of topstitching around the neckline
I love how much she loves this dress

I also made one for myself but as a plus size person, it looks ridiculous on. My fabric choice – a baby pink crepe scuba – didn’t help matters. It showed every lump and bump and left nothing to the imagination. The neckline also stretched out a lot and is wavy so that has gone on the pile to recycle the fabric. You can’t win em all, eh!?

Until next time, thanks


  1. Wow you are on the ball!! Yes she looks amazing in both. Great fabric and fit. I too am hoping to complete most/all but not sure I can afford the coat fabric next month. Happy 2018 crafting K xXx

  2. Tracy Tracy

    Well done Claire! I finished mine yesterday. I also wanted to get it done before work started for me today. I made it for my daughter who is an xs, and I also had to take in the shoulders, hem and sleeves for her as she is so petite. It looks great on her. I did not even attempt to make one for myself! HA.

  3. Jan Brown Jan Brown

    I totally agree with your method of inserting the sleeves flat before sewing the side seams. I need to get some fabric to make this but having dowloaded the pattern I had the same thoughts as you. I think the bands look great on the striped version.

  4. Deb Fratella Deb Fratella

    Love both of these!!! would love to know how you did the math on the neckband length for the black and white dress. I would like to do a neckband as well.
    Thanks, Deb

    • It is about 75-80% of the length of the neckline. This means the neckbands will lay flat 🙂

      • Debbie Fratella Debbie Fratella

        Thank you!!!

  5. Both versions look very lovely! I also did not sew it as the instructions say, I sewed it like I would with a usual t-shirt. I don’t think this dress looks bad in general on plus sized people – but of course you’ll need a more forgiving fabric to avoid an unflattering look 🙂 Will you try it again for yourself?

  6. Chalk Chalk

    They’re both beautiful dresses. You can tell she loves the stripey one, but I think the colourful version is quite pretty and flattering too.

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