One question I see coming up in Facebook groups time and time again is: ‘who do you follow on Youtube?’ So today I thought I would give you a list of ten ‘vloggers’ that I like to watch and follow. They are not in any particular order, and are not particularly my top ten, rather they’re vloggers that I feel offer something worth watching.

Kittenish Behaviour

Kittenish Behviour has to be one of the most prolific sewing channels out there. Sian offers daily vlogs as well as sewing plans, makes and look books. Most recently she has been taking us through her – very extensive – collections of fabric and patterns. She lives near me on the Isle of Wight and I can vouch that the lovely person that comes across in video is not just a persona.


The SMYLY (Sewing Makes You Love Yourself) movement was set up by Hattie and Athina (who also both have channels) to encourage open conversation about how sewing helps with mental health. Initially they started a challenge to make a garment that you love and talk about your story, and when this took off they extended the theme and started an online digital magazine. This is the Youtube channel that accompanies the magazine. In this channel you will find magazine talk, tips and tricks, sew alongs and updates from them both.

Liz Sews

Liz from Liz Sews offers plans, makes, look books, pattern and fabric hauls, reviews and vlogs. Her unassuming personality coupled with her great skills at dressmaking and bra making, make her very watch able. She’s made more bras than we’ve had hot dinners and has done some great sew alongs, debunking the idea that bra making is for advanced sewing.

Lifting Pins & Needles

Karina from Lifting Pins & Needles likes to refashion garments she already owns, and hack patterns to fit her own style desires. She is from South America but moves a fair bit for her husbands work. In each video she will give guidance on how she achieves her hacks/refashions and why she went down the road she did. Creativity is the keyword here and Karina has lots of it.

A Girl Sew Geeky

A Girl Sew Geeky is the vlog of Gemma from Portsmouth in the UK. Gemma isnt a regular updater but when she does she likes to talk about life and how sewing fits into that, the fabric she has purchased, her patterns and makes. Gemma is refreshing because she talks candidly about her mistakes and how shes learned from them.

handmade by Ditsy Tulip

Handmade by Ditsy Tulip must surely come top of the crop of aesthetic. Mel favours pastels and neutrals with the odd blast of crazy print and has a feel of country house full of lavender, rustic flooring and vintage furniture. I am sure reality is not like this but it speaks to that look. Mel likes to do reviews of fabric, patterns and bundles.  She’ll talk us through her makes offering tutorials on difficult parts and showing that good quality clothing can be achieved from home sewing.

Made to Sew

Made to Sew is run by Anneka from the west country in the UK. Her channel came about by complete accident; she was getting similar requests for help from her clients so decided to do a video to show them and her channel took off. There is so much quality footage in this channel, I am surprised the knowledge is offered for free! Whether you are a beginner sewist, or looking to advance your skills into pattern cutting, there is something for everyone.

Akrams Ideas

Akram’s channel byline is ‘bring creative and crazy ideas to life’. I can attest to this being representative of Akram’s personality! She offers a range of sewing and cooking video’s with a vintage theme running through them. True vintage, that is, not modern vintage. Whether she is coming at us with a vintage haul or a modern make you can be sure to be entertained with this lovely lady!

Inside the Hem

Inside the Hem is run by Lyndsey from South Carolina. She always has fun videos whether that is pattern or fabric stash, sew alongs, reviews or ready to wear dupes and is entertaining along the way. She’ll also do pattern walk throughs with the latest releases and once a year does something we all dream about – goes fabric shopping in NYC!

Susan Elias Couture

Susan Elias is a designer who has been working in the industry for over 30 years. She is from a haute couture background and offers insider tips, tricks and how-to’s. She covers a lot of bases including sketching, draping, pattern design and more. She’s also published videos on how to adapt a mannequin to your measurements, questions and answers and talks about her memoirs.

I hope there was something there to interest you. I feel like its covered a lot of bases, from beginner through to more advanced and there is something for everyone. Do you like to watch vlogs? Comment below and let me know your favourites! If you have a sewing vlog, leave a comment and let us know where we can watch you!

Until next time, happy sewing!