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Sewmystyle March2018 – Kalle Shirt

When I knew March was approaching I was excited for the new sewmystyle challenge. The Kalle Shirt Dress pattern by Closet Case Files had been on my radar for some time. I hadn’t purchased it to date as I wasnt 100% sure it would suit my frame but with a discount coming up and with my quest for developing my sewing skills, I decided to tackle this project head on.

I didn’t want to dive in with my fashion fabric so I made a toile using some budget cotton from my online shop. In hindsight it isnt the drapeyist (word?) so may not have been totally appropriate but it gave me a good idea about what it looked like on.

I made the body up, including the placket, but not the arms or collar. When I tried it on I could immediately see I needed to grade from the largest size and do an FBA. Looking at the general look of the garment on me though I could see this wasnt going to suit me and so I decided to save myself the work.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my style and what suits me. To be honest I am at a complete loss with it and am just going on a trial and error basis. I now know I need definition at the waist, so I have learned from this project. I’m currently making a jumpsuit, which I also dont know if it will suit me but I’m never going to know if I dont give it a try (shall report back on that later).

Anyway, back to the project at hand!

I decided I would just make a Kalle for the daughter in law. I feel this garment suits a slim figure and if I am going to make it, I’ll do that. I have seen a number of Kalle’s on a range of bodies since that look fantastic, so I have changed my mind on this to some extent. A lot of the look is in the fabric choice and there are some amazing fabrics out there. I’m sewing from my stash presently (forced to through money being tight) so I have to work with what I have.

My daughter in law is very fussy with what she will wear. I’ve made a few garments that I think she will love but its really what I would love if I had her figure. I know shes a fan of tartan and I do have tartan in my stash waiting to be used, and so situation dictated my fabric choice.

I had quite a bit of fabric to play with so I was able to spend some time pattern matching. Success was had in some places and not so much in others – although I’ve had a few comments on social media congratulating me on this very thing so I have probably done better than I think. I made the front and back straight but on the yoke, collar stand, collar and arm cuffs I cut on the diagonal to give it a bit of personality.

I put the PDF together and that was straightforward although quite a few pieces due to the different options. I went with the short version with a hidden placket. It was my first time completing a hidden placket so there is a new skill right there, not to mention the collar stand and collar which I was very proud of, I have to say!

I didn’t bother with the patch pockets; I am too much of a perfectionist and would have spent far too long making them just so.

I did the hem facing and this was my first time doing this. I like the idea of it; its clean and gives good structure to a garment. But due to the curve at the side seam it wasnt the easiest to put together. It has you join the side seams of the facing once you’ve sewn down the main part of it. I got there in the end but if I made this again I think I’d go the bias binding route.

I also found adding the arm bands more difficult than they should have been and I thought they looked a bit wonky. I dont think you’d notice unless I told you though.

I didn’t end putting the buttons on in the end as I’d had enough by the time I finally finished it, but if my daughter in law does want it I will complete it for her.

I’m proud of the final piece. I don’t think the fabric was the right weight for the garment really; I think it lends itself to something more lightweight. However, I think it looks snappy and is something a bit different.

The next project is the Marigold jumpsuit by Tilly & the Buttons. I don’t think this will suit meĀ  so I am going to try the jumpsuit from Peppermint magazine instead. Check back soon to find out how that went.

Here is the finished item. It didnt iron too well but I like it and think its bright and fun!

Thanks for reading,

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