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SMYLY – Sewing Makes You Love Yourself – Challenge Part 2

A couple of months ago I signed up to take part in the SMYLY challenge. I decided to break it down in to two parts. Part 1, which you can read here, was a write up about my connection to sewing, and the relation it has in terms of mental health/self esteem. I’m not going into that part of it today, if you want to know more click the link above. This post is to showcase the dress that I made, that represents me and is intended to make me feel special when wearing it.

I announced in my last post I would be making the Sew Over It Eve dress in a dusky pink brushed stretch velvet. I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS GETTING INTO!

OMG this fabric was hard work!!! But more on that later!

To begin with I am just outside the largest size of SOI patterns. I decided because it was stretch material I would get away with just a bust adjustment and bodice lengthening. I did this and added width to the cross over, which also meant adding width to the front skirts. In the event I think I would have gotten away with just a bodice lengthening, as the whole thing did come up a bit big. I also lengthened the flutter sleeves and put a bit more ‘flutter’ in them.

I then produced a couple of toiles in a stretch crepe…

To touch this fabric felt absolutely gorgeousous! I could stroke it all day but I wouldnt get much sewing done that way.

I cut the pieces out. I thought to myself, ‘what are people talking about, this fabric is easy to manage…’

Though because I was cutting fabric on a single layer to avoid shifting, I cant tell you how many times I had to cut the front bodice to get two reflecting sides rather than 2 lefts or rights lol!

I finally cut everything out, it was lucky I had more fabric than I needed! I bought the fabric at Fabric Godmother and have since seen it a couple of pounds cheaper at Fabricland.

Then I began to sew and oh my dear it was SHIFTY. It drove me absolute nuts. I used lots of pins – I dont know how you wouldnt?!! And it was far from my best sewing ever, but was glad to finally have a finished product. I swore off sewing velvet after this, but I do have 2 metres in a purple in my stash.

I tried it on when I only had hemming left to do and… disappointment. I wasnt happy with it at all. I just don’t think it suits me at all. Its a lesson that I need to think more about what suits thin people isnt necessarily going to look good on me. I was so hoping this would be the item of clothing that I love but I just don’t. I haven’t given up on the pattern but I may try it in a woven.

So while this isnt a dress that helps me to love myself, it is still sewing that helps me love myself – I approached a project that is not easy, and I saw it through to the end despite not feeling the love for it. How many people can say they made a velvet wrap dress from scratch? Okay, most of you lot probably but not many outside of our community!

I didn’t end up hemming it because I didnt think it really needed it and I decided I wouldnt wear it out of the house anyway.

I learned some lessons with this dress and for that I am glad I made it.


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  1. Erin Erin

    I’m sorry your dress didn’t suit, but I really, truly appreciate you stating what is so hard to accept: not every item looks good on every body. It has nothing to do with how well constructed it is. It’s hard, sometimes, to remember this truth.

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