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Hobo Bag

It’s been a while since I have updated; I am not sure where the time has gone! I’ve been busy with a mixture of work, play and crafting. It is scary to think Christmas is upon us – the weather has definitely turned sour the last few weeks on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Still, bright side and all of that; more sewing time!

Recently I discovered Creativebug, a subscription online craft tutorials website and I am hooked. They have really good tutorials on there (this isnt an advert of any kind…) . At the moment I am obsessed with making bags and to my joy there are plenty of those tutorials on the site. Recently I have made a Flight bag (which I havent managed to photograph) and a Hobo bag (below). There are also lots of other tutorials on the site and each month you get to download and keep one forever.

The bag below was my first try, a toile of a kind using fabric from my stash. I love the pattern and have bought some new fabric to make another one in but I wanted to share this one with you.





There are lots of crafting pages out there but often it can be difficult sifting through the bad to get to the good. So here is a list of 10 crafters that I take my inspiration from (in no particular order):

  • Melanie Ham – Youtube (sewing, crochet, DIY)
  • Crafty Gemini – Youtube (sewing, crochet, woodwork)
  • Sew Over It – Youtube (sewing)
  • MADE everyday – Youtube (sewing)
  • Bella Coco – Youtube (crochet)
  • Man Sewing – Youtube (sewing)
  • Elizabeth Davis de Herraiz – FB page (crochet)
  • Petals to picot – FB page (crochet)
  • Frank & Olive – Blog (crochet)
  • Tilly & the Buttons – Blog (sewing)

Do you have a favourite crafter that you think should be on my list? What do you think of my list?Leave a comment and let me know. In future posts I will be doing spotlight articles, highlighting the talent of other crafters so if you would like to be considered, you know what to do 🙂

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I have been keen to acquire new sewing skills recently so I have been following some on-line tutorials. One thing I have always wanted to do was make piping but it looked really difficult. So when Melanie Ham published this tutorial on Youtube and made it look simple I had to give it a go.

I bought some fabric for the occasion but before I used that I wanted to do a dry run with some of my stash (always a good idea!). Here is what I used to make a cushion cover with piping.

  • Quilting fabric (20×20 inches, 20×14 (x2))
  • Co-ordinating thread
  • Piping cord
  • Pre-cut bias tape

I won’t go into a step-by-step as Melanie already does that very well on the link above; suffice it to say it was so simple!

When I was making the piping out of cord and bias tape it really fed itself through, I didn’t even need to use pins. I was dreading attaching it to the fabric as I knew if I went wrong it would be here but it was plain sailing. It went on like a dream. I did put a second row of stitches over the first row when putting the back covers on top just to ensure the piping would look as good as possible but other than that I didn’t do anything different to Melanie.

Here is the finished item:




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