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A little while ago I started a new group on Facebook for us sewing bloggers called Sewing and Dressmaking Blogger Network. The aim was to bring together a community of sewists who like to write about their makes. The group is developing and evolving as time goes on; it is growing, now with over 100 members, and there are lots of blog posts shared (something other groups seem to frown upon) and tips, tricks and useful links. Everyone is super friendly, supportive and engaging. I am very proud of the group is evolving.

giveawaysmall100 new members!

As a celebration of hitting 100 members, and as a thank you to everyone, and because I believe in the group I have decided to host a giveaway!!

Yes, free stuff!

If you go to my group here and look at the pinned post you will find details of the giveaway. There is a £25 voucher for fabricgodmother.co.uk up for grabs! You could buy a couple of patterns with this, or a few metres of fabric, or some haberdashery items… the list is endless. I am kind of jealous I cannot enter myself!


In previous weeks on the Wardrobe Architect I posted about my past and my present defining my core style and beginning to form ideas about my style identity through a pinterest board. This week is all about reviewing what shapes make me feel happy and comfortable by filling in a grid where I grade from 1-10 based on my enjoyment of those shapes of garment.

I’ve talked previously about struggling with my shape, of being bigger than I would care to be and how I’ve allowed this to dictate my style. I have made some progress with this; since starting Wardrobe Architect I have began sewing (and wearing) garments for myself. I’ve had an internal mixed response to this – I’ve somewhat been in denial and this makes me face up to things that make me uncomfortable, but in doing so its began to help me in accepting myself more (something I’ve always struggled with, whatever my weight). It’s a work in progress but I am definitely experiencing a progress and shift, not only in my sense of style but also in my sense of self.

So, on to this week’s ‘homework’:

Previous to this week, I thought I didnt feel comfortable in many – if any – types of clothing, but seeing the results above show me this just isnt true. Sometimes we need to see something in black and white in order to believe it. Let’s do an analysis:


I like a mid-length, above the knee skirt, that is either a half full, full or A-line (how very vintage of me!). I quite like a high waist length (particularly on a pencil skirt) or a natural waistline, but not a low (I dont think this doesnt anything to enhance what I have).


Above applies to the skirt part of dresses too but I don’t like a high waistband on a dress (actually, thinking about this I beg to differ, there are a couple of dress designs with the waistband under the chest which I really like – I clearly forgot this when doing the quiz). I also quite like a longer length on a dress, though this is dependant on what it is, I would say.

Trousers (pants)

It looks like I love these somewhat fitted but with room to breathe (always nice!), and to either be full leg length of capri length. I quite like a high waist (or thick waistband) with trousers, I think this can be quite slimming.

Tops and Blouses

Again, I like these somewhat fitted, so that you can see the shape of my body (darts are a must, or princess seams) but loose enough that I am not feeling restricted. I like them fairly long, maybe tunic length, to cover my midriff and definately would not go for a cropped top!

Jackets & Blazers

I am not a huge fan of formal jackets and blazers but when I do wear them they would have to be similar to blouses and tops in that they are somewhat fitted but loose enough to breathe.


Ooh I love a cardi! (I must sound about 40 years older than I am!) I hate hate hate having the tops of my arms on show and so a cardi is a must with most of my outfits.I like them somewhat fitted but loose (I sense a theme here) and long enough to cover my tummy but not much longer than that.


I took the term ‘outwear’ to mean coats… and here too I like them fairly loose but with some shape, and to be long enough to cover my bum. Coats are the one garment that I quite like a low waist, I think this is because I can always bring it up by bagging the top part. If it was a formal coat I would like a natural waistline.


I’ll leave you with some pictures from my Wardrobe Architect Pinterest board that go with my analysis:





What do you think? Can you relate with anything I have written? Are you doing the Wardrobe Architect?

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Today is the first day of my holidays! Living on the Isle of Wight we do not have to travel far and wide for beauty and quaintness. While taking in the surroundings of Ventnor, I also perused the charity shops. I’m not normally a winner of crafting items in said shops but today while the rain was coming down the sun was shining on me 🙂 (Lame, I know… )

DSC_0337 My first find was in the local EMH shop and that was this knit fabric tshirt – not my size so I wont be wearing it myself. Instead I had the idea of making a small person tshirt with it (mainly for practice).

It is so hard to get good knit fabric and at only £1 I couldn’t go wrong (well, I could but it wont be the end of the world!).

With this I intend to try to make a T-shirt a-la Made Everyday and see what I can come up with. Hopefully it wont be too shabby.


This is a jumper and also in knit fabric. This was also a pound, so will not cost the earth if it were to go wrong but I don’t intend for that to happen! I am going to make a little person’s dress with this a-la Crafty Gemini.


The colour of this thread isn’t popping like it does it real life – its green. Serger/overlocker thread is so expensive, so I wanted to jump on this when I found it. It was a shame there were not 4 in total but still a great find. I cannot complain for 50p!


I have been keeping my eye out for some of this for a while. I need to make some curtains for my kitchen window so I snapped this up also for 50p! I have no excuse not to get on with making curtains now! :-/

DSC_0341 DSC_0340

When I saw this fabric I instantly fell in love. It is shimmery and you can’t really see that in the photos. I think it will make a fabulous pouch a-la Melanie Ham. Watch this space!


Finally when I saw this curtain set I knew it would make a fantastic skirt! The picture doesnt really do it justice but the fabric is brand new and for £2.50 will make a great Anywhere Skirt. So much cheaper than buying the fabric it would take!

Have you had a recent find in a charity shop? Please comment with a picture if you have one and let me know.

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