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The Fabric Tag

When #theseamstresstag did the rounds (you can see mine here), there was a phenomenal result from it – the tag did lots to bring seamstresses together and so when Renata and Lisa put together #thefabrictag, I just had to take part. Here are my answers – I would love it if you did this whether you are tagged at the end or not 🙂


A new year: A new fabric haul

As I opened my presents on Christmas morning and found a myraid of fabric, I was under instruction to do a fabric haul on my blog. In fact, I have been reminded a few times since… my husband is not an attention seeker at all! So in order to fulfil his wish I am going to show some fabrics he has given me and some I have given myself recently.


The Big Giveaway!

The Big Giveaway is finally here! After lots of negotiation I have managed to source a number of very generous sewing companies who are willing to give gifts to help and encourage you guys with your sewing. Here are a list of prizes and the companies that are offering them:…


Sewing Haul: June

I have decided to write a monthly sewing haul post as I do tend to enjoy my fabric and accessories shopping! In these posts you will find fabric bought, notions, books and anything else sewing related that finds its way into my basket.   How gorgeous is this fabric – so…