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Vintage Pattern Haul

Now and again I will peruse the charity shops for sewing knick knacks. I don’t often find much, sometimes a duvet cover to toile in, occasionally a new zip but this journey I found a plethora of vintage sewing patterns. What is more, these were all in the same shop and there were lots more but I had to restrict myself (somewhat!).

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I have decided to write a monthly sewing haul post as I do tend to enjoy my fabric and accessories shopping! In these posts you will find fabric bought, notions, books and anything else sewing related that finds its way into my basket.

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How gorgeous is this fabric – so gorgeous, in fact, I had to post two pictures of it! I bought an off-cut of this last month going cheap and when I went back to that same shop this month they were selling another off-cut. I’m going to make ‘im indoors a waistcoat with this. The lady in the shop said you could colour it with fabric markers but I would prefer to leave it as it is.


I have just purchased the Sew Over It Cami Top and was looking for some silky-type fabric. I saw this on Weaver Dee and I am sure it wasnt as bright on the website. It is very loud but I think coupled with black trousers and cardi, or even white, it might work out okay. If not then it’ll be a bedtime cami but we will see!


I bought this a while ago and its been sat in my stash. I got it cheap on eBay, its a sheer fabric, probably chiffon (scary face!). I’m not sure what to make with this? I thought perhaps a Tilly and the Buttons headscarf, from her book Love at First Stitch, but otherwise I am stumped. Do you have any ideas? Please let me know!


I got this a month or so ago on a trip to Fabricland in Portsmouth. Fabricland is such good pricing for the quality. You do have to be careful what you pick up (eeak polycotton!) but there are some real treasures there. This is a woven cotton and I bought it to make an Ultimate Pencil Skirt by Sew Over It. It’s fairly high on my to-do list (behind the cami and ultimate trousers).


I bought this locally in a Haberdashery here on the island. Its a lovely good quality viscose. I bought this with Tilly and the Buttons Martha in mind. I’m hoping to get around to this after the pencil skirt.




I’m currently teaching myself to draw croquis (fashion figures) so that I can draw my pattern designs and wanted to invest in tools of the trade. I didnt intend on picking these up yet but I saw them in a craft shop for half the price that they are in WHSmiths, so I had to snap them up. I love helping that craft store as they are always so lovely. They have the correct balance of friendliness and allowing you to do your own thing. These pens have a thick nib on one end and a thin one on the other, perfect for my needs!


I wanted a wrist pin cushion for when I am draping on the body form so I bought this from Weaver Dee. It isnt very comfortable and its quite snug but then I paid less than £2 for it so I cannot complain. I have another wrist pin cushion that I bought from Sainsbury’s but it doesnt have any protection underneath so the pins go through and I think its quite dangerous. I might make my own but if you have a good wrist pin cushion please let me know where you got it so I can order one of those.



I’m in the process of teaching myself pattern cutting/drafting/designing whatever you’d like to call it. I saw this book in Waterstones and picked it up. Its a really good overview of everything you need to know from chosing a pattern to make, through to making your own patterns. Because it is so comprehensive it doesnt go into a lot of detail with each thing but if you want a reference book you could get worse than this.



I’ve been looking for a good book on draping for a while and I have to admit this is an investment as it wasnt cheap. I havent used it yet but I have flicked through and it teaches you everything you could need to know about draping. I’m looking forward to getting started with this book, it’ll be exciting to see my own creations develop a life of their own.

September Shop

To spark off the autumn season (and to cheer myself up – shopping gives off Vitamin D, No?) I have purchased some items on the high street. I always watch ‘haul’ posts and video’s on Youtube with joy. Pretty things make us all happy!

This is by no means a haul post, and I am not being paid in any way, these are just items I love 🙂



In case you wondered, I went into TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in America) where I can usually find pretty things in abundance. Here are my items in this pic – a storage box, a pad of paper and acrylic paints.

The storage box!

OMG. I love storage boxes, especially pretty ones! I am a complete sucker for them! As a crafter I have way too many items to just leave out and about and so if its big enough for the thing at hand and brings something to my home in the way it looks, I am hard-pressed to leave it on the shelf. These boxes are so cute, and totally affordable. I have lost count of how many I have purchased and they all come in lots of fantastic patterns.


The Stationery!

I was drawn to the book because it says “Be Happy!” and has bright cheerful colours. I love stationery, I get weak around good stationery, and find it hard to walk away. Often notebooks like these cost too much to justify when there is no need for them in mind, but this was a great find. It has ruled lines inside and says ‘Be Happy!’ at the bottom of each page. If you read until the end of the post, you will be able to enter the competition to win the notebook. Can’t say fairer than that, can I?!



The Paints!

I have never been much of a painter, or indeed an artist. Growing up I didn’t think I had a creative bone in my body (and some of my drawings left much to be desired!).

And now I have the perfect excuse. This palette of acrylic paint was very cheap – I bought a gold tube for the same price as all of these! I havent decided which colour I will go for yet. As I said, I did start to paint gold but I might keep that as an under-coat and distress the top layer – that will be fun. Watch this space!

Competition time!

If you would like to be with a chance of winning the stationery notebook featured in this post, please enter using the rafflecopter coupon below:
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