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Today is the first day of my holidays! Living on the Isle of Wight we do not have to travel far and wide for beauty and quaintness. While taking in the surroundings of Ventnor, I also perused the charity shops. I’m not normally a winner of crafting items in said shops but today while the rain was coming down the sun was shining on me 🙂 (Lame, I know… )

DSC_0337 My first find was in the local EMH shop and that was this knit fabric tshirt – not my size so I wont be wearing it myself. Instead I had the idea of making a small person tshirt with it (mainly for practice).

It is so hard to get good knit fabric and at only £1 I couldn’t go wrong (well, I could but it wont be the end of the world!).

With this I intend to try to make a T-shirt a-la Made Everyday and see what I can come up with. Hopefully it wont be too shabby.


This is a jumper and also in knit fabric. This was also a pound, so will not cost the earth if it were to go wrong but I don’t intend for that to happen! I am going to make a little person’s dress with this a-la Crafty Gemini.


The colour of this thread isn’t popping like it does it real life – its green. Serger/overlocker thread is so expensive, so I wanted to jump on this when I found it. It was a shame there were not 4 in total but still a great find. I cannot complain for 50p!


I have been keeping my eye out for some of this for a while. I need to make some curtains for my kitchen window so I snapped this up also for 50p! I have no excuse not to get on with making curtains now! :-/

DSC_0341 DSC_0340

When I saw this fabric I instantly fell in love. It is shimmery and you can’t really see that in the photos. I think it will make a fabulous pouch a-la Melanie Ham. Watch this space!


Finally when I saw this curtain set I knew it would make a fantastic skirt! The picture doesnt really do it justice but the fabric is brand new and for £2.50 will make a great Anywhere Skirt. So much cheaper than buying the fabric it would take!

Have you had a recent find in a charity shop? Please comment with a picture if you have one and let me know.

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New serger!

For as long as I have been sewing (which, to be fair, isn’t that long) I have wanted a serger/overlocker. On the one hand they don’t seem to do a great deal (they sew hems, so what?) but on the other hand they would raise my work a level and could, potential, ruin my need to perusing the high street chains… (if only good quality fabric didn’t cost the earth… )

DSC_0019So, this month I bit the bullet and decided to buy a serger. I had my eye on the Brother M1034D, it is one of the cheapest on the market, and I have seen great reviews for it. I went into my local Singer shop and they didn’t have that one but instead offered a Janome counterpart. They also said they had a second-hand Toyota going for almost half the price of the Janome, so my fate was sealed. Singer also gave me four cones of thread for £10 which was pretty decent. I paid the price, sent the BF to pick it up and went back to work.
DSC_0016When I eventually got time to play with her, it was fun fun fun. I’d heard that sergers were difficult to thread but I did not find it too difficult. Getting my head around which dial was for which was more of a learning curve.

When I got to sewing, I found it to be a complete dream. It did not take long to ensure all the tensions were correct and I was away! I really liked the fact it cuts and seals the edges. One of my least favourite things on a sewing machine is having to either trim or zig-zag, and it never looked that great. But, yes, fab with the serger.

Then doom set in; I had to change a needle.

DSC_0018That part was okay, it wasn’t rocket science. And although I’d been spoilt with my automatic threader on my sewing machine, I managed to get the needles installed and threaded.

Suddenly my tension was all over the place and I could not work out why. I moved the dials around, re-threaded, re-installed the needles, I tried everything. Eventually I relented and posted on a sewing page on FB asking for help. Between us we worked out that I wasn’t ‘flossing’ correctly;  once that was sorted I was back in the swing of things.

I then got to making a little girl’s dress. I don’t have a little girl but I wanted something easy to follow. I printed off a pattern by Crafty Gemini and got to work. It was the easiest thing to make (it shouldn’t have been – it was jersey and stripes!).

I should not have been lazy and done the neck and arm lines on a normal sewing machine (as I dont have shears) and the hem too, but this was just a practice so did the lot with the serger.

DSC_0020This is the result, I am really pleased with it overall, I would have liked to put bias binding on the neck and arms, and done a better hem (really wonky)  but pretty pleased with what I came up with.

What was the first thing you made on a serger? Do you like using a serger or do you prefer to stick to a sewing machine?


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