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Being new to the field of sewing can be scary. Not knowing where to start, coupled with the overwhelming amount of resources online that help learning new skills, it can be hard to know where to start. There were times when I couldnt find enough (or the right) tutorial, and other times there were too many to chose from. I thought I would write a short review on my top 4 places to learn how to sew. This post is not in any way aimed at promoting brands, it is purely what I think are good places to go:


This was the first platform I used for sewing tutorials. This is mainly a paid-for platform but they are usually offering a substantial reduction. I bought a couple of tutorials when they were in the sale but I did think some classes were quite high in price (when compared with other places). A bonus is they have some free classes so they are definitely worth a look.

Free Craftsy classes



Creativebug is a video tutorial forum similar to craftsy, but rather than charging for individual videos you pay a small monthly subscription charge. I like this platform more than Craftsy because it is better value for money and the content is just as high a quality, if not higher. There are a lot of videos on here for all sorts of crafts not just sewing, but I have found their rate of uploading new content quite slow on the sewing section. A good point of the subscription charge is that each month you get to save a video in your library and that is yours to watch for life, even if you stop your subscription.

Free Creativebug classes


I have only recently found Burdastyle Academy. There are pluses and minuses with these courses. They are well put together and are clear and consise but I have found them a bit basic, even on topics that I am new to. If you need tutorials that are very simple and show you just the bare essentials then this is the platform for you. The pricing is much the same as Craftsy, although some courses run at over $100 which is outside of my budget for what they offer. I’ve purchased the intro to dressmaking and grading 101, both useful but not extensive enough for me. It really does depend on what you’re looking for, I would not be adverse to purchasing more or recommending them.

Free Burda Style classes

Youtube is my favourite out of all of the platforms; it is free and there is a wealth of resource and help with sewing on there. It does have its limitations – the tutorials only go so far and they are not always great quality, but if you know what you’re looking for you can probably find it. Here are some of my favourite vlogs:

Sew Over It on Youtube

Gabberdashery on Youtube

Melanie Ham on Youtube

Made Everyday on Youtube

Crafty Gemini on Youtube

There are lots of crafting pages out there but often it can be difficult sifting through the bad to get to the good. So here is a list of 10 crafters that I take my inspiration from (in no particular order):

  • Melanie Ham – Youtube (sewing, crochet, DIY)
  • Crafty Gemini – Youtube (sewing, crochet, woodwork)
  • Sew Over It – Youtube (sewing)
  • MADE everyday – Youtube (sewing)
  • Bella Coco – Youtube (crochet)
  • Man Sewing – Youtube (sewing)
  • Elizabeth Davis de Herraiz – FB page (crochet)
  • Petals to picot – FB page (crochet)
  • Frank & Olive – Blog (crochet)
  • Tilly & the Buttons – Blog (sewing)

Do you have a favourite crafter that you think should be on my list? What do you think of my list?Leave a comment and let me know. In future posts I will be doing spotlight articles, highlighting the talent of other crafters so if you would like to be considered, you know what to do 🙂

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