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The Fabric Tag

When #theseamstresstag did the rounds (you can see mine here), there was a phenomenal result from it – the tag did lots to bring seamstresses together and so when Renata and Lisa put together #thefabrictag, I just had to take part. Here are my answers – I would love it if you did this whether you are tagged at the end or not 🙂

1. What is your favourite fabric to work with?

It is hard to chose – it is between cotton lawn (which I don’t use nearly enough) and ponte roma jersey. A lot of people are really fearful of jersey and I honestly do not know where this reputation comes from. There was a time when quilting cottons would have been up there but I have moved on and don’t need my fabrics quite so structured any more.

2. What is your least favourite fabric to work with?

Probably sheer fabrics – such as chiffon and the like. This is purely down to inexperience, I am happy to admit. I am sure if I did not avoid them like the plague then I wouldn’t be so fearful (perhaps the same reason why some do not like jersey).

3. What is your favourite fabric to wear?

I havent worn a lot of my makes to date – a few – but so far probably the lightweight jerseys like this on the right. I am fully into to comfort!

4. What is your least favourite fabric to wear?

Without a shadow of doubt, polycotton. Being the cheapest fabric in the shop I went straight to this as a new seamstress but that was a rooky mistake. It doesn’t feel nice, it doesnt sew nicely and is fairly stiff so you don’t get a great drape from it either. These days I would not touch polycotton until my life depended on it, and even then it is questionable. Though saying that it might be a cheap way of making toiles, though Ikea sell muslin for £2 a metre so why would you?

5. What is your favourite texture to work with?

I find this quite difficult to answer because I havent worked with a massive amount of different textures. I quite like linen. I’ve got some lovely embroidered linen that I will make up a Betty dress with soon.  I love wool – so cozy! I love the quilted texture of scuba!

6. What is your favourite print?

I don’t have a specific print that I love as that is always changing every time I see something new. At the moment I quite like Alexander Henry’s Zombie Ladies, and these liberty roses and some feather jersey from Girl Charlee UK.

Love: Beauty & Brains by Alexander Henry
One of many Liberty Roses prints – gorgeous!
Original Feathers on Silver Peony Cotton Jersey – must have!

7. What is your favourite colour palette?

I move between liking ditsy pastels and bright colours. In bright colours I tend to go for pink, red, purples and in pastels much the same actually. In my fabric pile on my shelf there is a mixture of white, red, pink, purple, brown (!), black.

8. What is your least favourite colour palette?

I know I have some brown wool but I typically would not chose this colour. I wouldnt chose bright yellow or orange either. I don’t tend to go for blues although I don’t rule this out completely with the right pattern.

9. What is your favourite fibre content to work with?

I love natural fibres where possible – this includes wool, cotton and bamboo. I like the ideal of only using natural organic fibres but this isn’t realistic with my budget.

10. What is the first fabric you worked with?

In my sewing journey, this would have probably been polycotton from Fabricland. I do remember making a skirt from the Love at First Stitch book in this lovely bird cotton fabric, which I would love to get my hands on now but I don’t think it is possible. I have a picture but it is on my old computer that I cannot get access to at the moment.

11. What is your ultimate fabric goal to work with?

I don’t have a specific goal but it would be nice to work with some higher end fabrics – though I might be too scared to cut into them! I would at some point like to design some fabric myself and work with that. I’ve dabbled in fabric design on my computer but not seriously so far.

12. What is your ultimate garment to construct with your favourite fabric?

Ooh what a question. The ultimate garment for me would be something using techniques that seem hard when you think of them but add something to the garment, a piece of clothing that fits fantastically well and flatters and uses luxury fabrics. I am going to be making the coat pattern that Gertie designed for Butterick soon and this is going to be a labour of love. This may well be my ultimate garment.

Thanks for reading! This was more interesting to write than I thought it might be. My fabric usage isnt that adventourous to date but I hope and plan to use more as time goes by. I have just purchased some velvet and this will be first time use for me so we will see how that goes.

I tag Vintage on Tap, Heather and Akram to do #thefabrictag 🙂


  1. Fun- never rule out any fabric [polycottons included] as you can guarantee it will bite you in the bum some time, when the perfect colour/print or whatever gets ruled out because of the fibre content. I used to hate polyester, because when I started sewing it was always vile to touch and wear…not so now, when polyester can feel like cotton or silk or anything at all. If it looks right, and feels good, I’ll use it!

  2. This is such a great tag. It’s a great way to discover your likes and dislikes. Looking forward to your coat made from Gerties’s Butterick pattern.

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